Friday, July 18, 2008

Gartner and happy folk

I'm starting my day with a smile.

Sometimes I just read a blog post and go "yeah, I know how that feels!"

Read what Jesse Freund of Sun had to say about Gartner:

I'm nothing to do with Sun (never have been) but I know how it feels when it all comes together.

It feels great!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Matt Hatton joins Analysys Mason

Matt Hatton has joined Analysys Mason as a principal analyst covering the wireless and mobile area.

Matt is probably best known for his work at Yankee Group, where he covered the consumer wireless/mobile market. He left there last summer to join 3UK in a market intelligence role.

Nice to have you back Matt. And a good hire by Tony Lavender, who runs Analysys Mason's research business.

Rob Enderle: Gartner Goofs on Server Numbers

Just read an interesting article by Rob Enderle that starts off telling how Gartner has had to restate some market share numbers before moving on to a closer look at the whole 'numbers' process.

Hat tip to Ludovic for pointing this out (via Twitter - yes, I'm starting to see the point...)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Updated / IDC can take over 24 hours to moderate comments on blog

I just noticed the comments policy on IDC's blog, 'eXchange'.

"Submitted comments are moderated; some comments may not appear. Posting may take longer than 24 hours. Please check back."

Longer than 24 hours? Wow, they must have a lot of comments to go through.

So, I checked. Nope. There's been a handful this year - and most are trackbacks.

Credit to Frank Gens though. When someone has left a question, he's answered it.

Update: Read the comments on this post - IDC has changed its policy and its process (and to be fair, it was already in progress and not as a result of this post!)