Friday, August 24, 2007

Matt Hatton leaves Yankee Group

Farewell to Matt Hatton who covers the consumer wireless market in EMEA for Yankee Group. Today is his last day there.

He's jumping the fence and joining the mobile operator 3 UK in a market intelligence role. All the best in the new role Matt.

(We've also heard rumours that two new analysts are likely to be joining Yankee in September - one of whom is the long awaited replacement for Nick McQuire who left the enterprise team earlier this year to join BT).

Monday, August 20, 2007

IDC to speak at IIAR meeting in September

We're delighted to have IDC as our guest speaker at the IIAR (Institute of Industry Analyst Relations) meeting in September.

With Martin Hingley, (chief research officer, EMEA) and Steven Frantzen (group VP, CEMA and general manager, EMEA research) joining us, we have two senior executives coming along. I'm sure that once again, it'll be an interesting time.

The meeting is taking place on 20 September in central London.

Meetings are open to all IIAR members. We also have a limited number of guest places available.

Please do contact IIAR secretary Hannah Kirkman if you'd like to find out more. She can be reached here.

FYI, I am a board member of the IIAR.

John Chambers of Cisco on the value of industry analysts (1.40 min video)

This short video clip is well worth watching.

John Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco explains why he talks to analysts - and how his reasons have changed over the past five years.

Click here to see the clip. It's embedded in the post titled "Why C-Scape?"

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cisco launches AR blog

It's great to see Cisco has started an AR blog as part of its analyst outreach. Find it here.

In the first post, Skip MacAskill - director, industry analyst relations - explains the reasons for introducing it:

"We have developed this site to interact with industry influencers and thought leaders on key industry wide trends and issues as well as Cisco-related technologies, markets and customer segments...Incorporating different media and communications tools into our AR program provides our industry analysts, customers, partners, and other interested communities the opportunity to interact and share ideas in new ways."