Friday, August 17, 2007

Cisco launches AR blog

It's great to see Cisco has started an AR blog as part of its analyst outreach. Find it here.

In the first post, Skip MacAskill - director, industry analyst relations - explains the reasons for introducing it:

"We have developed this site to interact with industry influencers and thought leaders on key industry wide trends and issues as well as Cisco-related technologies, markets and customer segments...Incorporating different media and communications tools into our AR program provides our industry analysts, customers, partners, and other interested communities the opportunity to interact and share ideas in new ways."


Dale Vile said...

Luv the Chambers video. Some lessons there on maturity of thinking and leadership for Execs in the tech industry in general.

David Rossiter said...

It's so good I've given it a stand-alone post.

marcduke said...

I wonder does this signal a new tend in AR? AR handled via a blog?
Definitely one to watch