Friday, September 09, 2005

Justifying an Analyst Relations budget

What is the value of communicating with analysts?

The answer changes depending on whom you ask. The success of analyst relations is often seen as intangible. There is no guarantee of coverage in the media or in research reports. Trying to track commercial leads is difficult.

One thing is certain though. If you don't dedicate resources to analyst relations, your competitors will gain a greater share of voice in the technology sector.

Dedicating more resources to AR is no guarantee of good relationships. You need the right tactics for the right audience. The companies that gain the most from AR are not necessarily the ones that spend the most - they just know how to do it properly.

We have just completed the latest paper in our "Analyst Insight" series. Written by Amjad Khan, it explains how the success of an analyst relations programme can be measured in a number of ways using perception audits, research tracking and the use of statistical criteria.

For a copy of the article, please drop me an email at analyst.insight AT gmail DOT com

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