Monday, October 03, 2005

Describing analyst relations

Ever struggled to describe what analyst relations is all about? Here's a wonderful summary from John Mihalec, head of IBM analyst relations.

" the computer business there are all these research firms who write about the industry and provide advice to customers about what to buy, at the same time they also provide advice to the computer vendors about how to sell... it's our job in Analyst Relations to make sure these research firms understand IBM's products and strategies, and become convinced that IBM is doing the right things for customers. It's also our job to listen to what the analysts are saying about us, and to make sure IBM harnesses the wisdom in those assessments."

Thanks to John Simonds, Delusions of Adequacy.


James McGovern said...

Are there tips you could provide to the open source community in engaging the analyst community? I would love to see ServiceMix an open source ESB I am contributing to get on their radar.

David Rossiter said...

James - there are a lot of fans of "open source" in the analyst world.

Try Redmonk for instance. It's a small company with an enormous reach. James and Stephen both run blogs.

The best tip is to keep it simple - check out the website of the analyst firms you want to get interested, see who's writing about your area and either drop them an email or use the vendor briefing process (Forrester's for example) saying who you are, what you do and why you want to talk to them.

If it's of interest, the analysts will be in touch.