Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fran Howarth moves to Hurwitz

Fran Howarth has left Bloor Research to join Hurwitz.

Her job title on the web site is ‘partner’ and Kim Horner of CustomerClix says that Fran will be director of European operations.


ARonaut said...

I suppose you're well aware that Robin Bloor, founder of the eponymous firm, is already associated with Judith Hurwitz?

(check here for more details)

So is that new news?

Come one David, bring on some more analysis... What does that mean really?

David Rossiter said...

Thanks for your comment ARonaut. It's always good to have someone keeping me on my toes ;-)

This really was intended just as a short heads-up to say "hey, here's an analyst move you might be interested in."

I don't try to be comprehensive but Fran is a well known analyst in Europe and I know from feedback that these short "appointment posts" are interesting to people.