Wednesday, June 21, 2006

An insight into Oracle's analyst relations

Buried away in the comments section of a post at ARmadgeddon is an interesting post about Oracle's AR. It's the fifth one in and from an anonymous poster.

Aside from the comments themselves, there's reference to this presentation titled "Interacting with Industry Analysts" by Oracle's Jane Joyce Boland (who was then Senior Director Analyst Relations & Competitive Intelligence) at a UK Product Marketing Forum (UKPMF) event in June 2004.

Although a couple of years old now, it gives some insight in to how Oracle viewed the analysts and how it approached its interactions with them at the time.

(The presentation can also be downloaded from the UKPMF Files page).


bitblue said...

David, the lady's name is Joyce, not Jane, and she hasn't been doing AR, but CI for quite a long time. However, I heard that Joyce now also looks after Industries AR. BTW, Oracle's EMEA AR program is run by Bindi Bhullar.

David Rossiter said...

Thanks as always Andy. I must have had a mental block on the name. The job title I quote is the one used on the presentation - and you are right, Oracle's web site lists Joyce as looking after Industries AR.