Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Adobe's AR Blog

I just found Adobe's AR blog, ARena (although I'm obviously a bit late off the blocks as it launched back in May).

It's being managed by Tim Brook, who heads up AR for Adobe in EMEA. In the first post, he outlined his intentions. The blog's purpose is to be:

a) a single point to communicate the latest product, solution and corporate news from Adobe.

b) a place where content and links from some of the other Adobe blogs are pulled together

c) a source of information on EMEA analyst events and briefings that are taking place.

It's a good idea and hopefully it's attracting more interest in the analyst community than a static AR webpage would. There's doesn't seem to be any public debate going on in the comments but of course that doesn't mean there's not dialogue going on via more private channels.

A tip of the hat to Dom Pannell for flagging this with me. Hopefully, he'll be back blogging soon...

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