Friday, September 01, 2006

Another AR blog launches

There's a new AR blog in town. This one is from Hill & Knowlton, which launched ARcade earlier today.

The first post is very corporate and seems designed to demonstrate H&K's credentials in the AR market. Fingers crossed, future posts will provide some interesting reading and ARcade will live up to its positioning as

"a forum for mutual learning about all things AR. We will discuss issues that impact AR practitioners, the technology vendors we represent, and the industry analysts with whom we partner. We will review the latest developments in the analyst landscape, propose best practices for working with analysts and technology executives, and share lessons learned from fantastic mistakes."

I'm told we can expect regular postings from the global AR team which includes (among others) Josh Reynolds in the US and my old colleague Dominic Pannell in the UK.

Dom's blogged about AR before, most notably on The Serendipp Weblog and I found an article that Josh wrote last year which is a good read.

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