Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Updated / IDC can take over 24 hours to moderate comments on blog

I just noticed the comments policy on IDC's blog, 'eXchange'.

"Submitted comments are moderated; some comments may not appear. Posting may take longer than 24 hours. Please check back."

Longer than 24 hours? Wow, they must have a lot of comments to go through.

So, I checked. Nope. There's been a handful this year - and most are trackbacks.

Credit to Frank Gens though. When someone has left a question, he's answered it.

Update: Read the comments on this post - IDC has changed its policy and its process (and to be fair, it was already in progress and not as a result of this post!)


Anonymous said...

IDC is definitely a laggard when it comes to using social media as a client delivery platform.

In terms of researching social media, IDC took a big blow when its lead analyst, Rachel Happe, announced she is leaving IDC as off July 3rd. It is interesting to note that Rachel's blog was under her personal brand (The Social Organization) not IDC's. Here is a link to her blog:


Cheers, -carter j

Carter Lusher, Strategist
Research and Best Practices on AR and the Analysts

Anonymous said...

Gee David - must be a slow news day ;-)


P.S. If you (or Carter) leave a comment, I promise to turn it around in much less than 24 hours!

David Rossiter said...

Carter, appreciate that. Thanks.

David Rossiter said...

Hi Frank


Actually, this just struck a chord.

I was surprised that, having put together a company blog, there's no process in place within IDC to ensure that the comments are monitored on a daily basis.

Surely someone in marketing or PR could go through the comments every day, delete the spam etc and approve the rest for posting? That's just admin - and it seems a bit broke.

Compare that with the other important bit - replying to comments once published.

You get that spot on. Given your responsibilities, workload and likely schedule, I realise (and am happy to accept) that it might take you a few days to reply to a comment.

And you do respond, which is good. And it's a personal reply rather than a standard boilerplate (eg 'thanks for your comment') - which is great.

Cheers, David

Anonymous said...

No offense taken David. Actually, the "24 hour response" note is just a relic of our first days in setting up the blog (when we took a very conservative approach on almost everything!). As you note, the track record of the actual response turnaround is much much less than 24 hours - generally within an hour or two.

But the timing of your note is great, as I've been working with our IT group to overhaul the Comments from its very conservative approach (especially the "registered users only" model) to more standard for the blogosphere (no need to be registered, getting rid of the "24-hour" disclaimer, using Captcha to keep spambots at bay - in fact, a lot like your site's Post a Comment setup!). Stay tuned - just a few days away.


David Rossiter said...

Look forward to seeing it Frank! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

OK David - comments on IDC eXchange are now open to non-registered, and they are instantly posted...


David Rossiter said...

Frank, thanks for the update on the comments system. Looking good. Cheers, David

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