Thursday, March 10, 2005

My first blog

So, I've been getting more and more into the blog world over the past couple of months and have decided that it's about time to take the plunge and go public with my own blog.

I'll come clean right away about my commercial interests. I run a PR business and we're 100 per cent focused on industry analyst relations.

Those in the techology world will come across these guys all the time. For of you who aren't (or don't), industry analysts are a hybrid combination of market researcher and management consultant. For various reasons, there are a huge number that focus on the technology and telecoms market (it is worth asking 'why?' and I will do a separate post sometime explaining).

My life is spent helping TMT companies recognise the value of the industry analysts and helping them communicate more effectively with them.

My objective with this blog? To share my views and opinions on tech PR and to highlight some of the great work that others are doing in this field for sure. Most important though is to stop sitting on the sidelines and join in what seems to be an incredibly exciting revolution in communication.

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