Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Gartner absorbs vertical services from G2

I''ve just returned from a couple of weeks off and am catching up with what's been happening in the analyst world.

First off, it looks like Gartner's announced the plans that we heard about a few weeks ago and is folding G2 into its main research operation.

It will now focus on ten vertical markets - three in the FS space (banking, insurance and investment services), government, education, energy & utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, media and retail. Of the other G2 offerings, automotive has been folded into manufacturing while travel appears to have been dropped.

The word is that no new analysts will be hired. Nor will the sales force be aligned to sell specific verticals.

Vertical coverage has always been a field in which Gartner has lagged behind the market. With industry-specific IT research now increasingly demanded by technology vendors and purchasers alike, this move makes sense to us.

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