Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Forrester's European ARM Council

I was at Forrester's European ARM Council meeting last Friday. It was on Effective European Analyst Relations. It was a packed morning.

spoke on "the four rules for global AR" while Martha Bennett, vice-president and research director for Forrester's European financial services group, presented on "analyst peeves about vendors" and "vendor peeves about analysts" as well as providing Forrester's "top tips for briefings."

We also had Peter O'Neill, a principal consulting analyst, who spoke about "Challenges in the IT industry in Europe" before concluding with a pitch on why membership of the ARM Council is a good idea.

There were plenty of European AR folk there from companies such as Adobe, BT, Capgemini, Cisco, CSC, Dell, Deloitte, EDS. HP, IBM, RIM, Unisys and Vodafone. Among them was a smattering of PR agencies.

I'm still mulling over my views and will be posting again on this subject. My first impression? The networking opportunities are great but the subscription cost is steep.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the folks over at Armadgeddon, Analyst Equity and Serendipp have to say.


ARonaut said...

Hey David, here you go:

ARmadgeddon: Weekly roundup: Forrester, IT-director and Quocirca (Part II)

We did not expand on the content as you did that already. Let us know what you think of the rest...

James McGovern said...

Based on your perception of steepness, do you think the notion of "open source industry analysis" will address?

David Rossiter said...

I'm beginning to believe in "open source" industry analysis - and it's good to see some business models emerging that show how money can be made out of it. Redmonk was a pioneer. IT Analysis has just launched on an "open source basis". My comment about steepness was specifically about the member cost for ARM. "Open source" might address this by driving up choice, opening up the market and driving down cost -if I understand the basic model correctly.