Monday, January 16, 2006

James Governor on "how to brief analysts"

It sounds like James had a bad experience last week with a briefing.

But this isn't just a moan. James has taken time to provide some tips on how to brief him. Now, I have a policy. If an analyst gives me advice on how to deal with them, I try to take it.

Thanks to Armadgeddon for pointing out that James has provided other tips in the past.

(I don't do a great deal with James but I always learn something interesting and useful from my briefings with him. My clients tell me the same thing. Unlike so many analysts at the larger firms, James is great at turning a briefing into a discussion. It makes meetings so much more interesting for everyone).


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for that testimonial. i appreciate it. i was beginning to wonder if i had turned into a rabid sales animal....

as you say, its all about dialogue.

David Rossiter said...

Moving from PR to AR, one of the biggest lessons I had to learn was focusing execs away from pitching a story to having a dialogue.

Unfortunately, from what I hear, too many hour-long analyst briefings are still about 55 minute presentations with a quick "so, what do you think?" stuck in at the very end.