Friday, February 03, 2006

More on Redmonk and Freeform Dynamics partnership

I've been speaking to Dale and James about the new partnership between Redmonk and Freeform Dynamics.

There are three main elements to the agreement. Here's what they have to say:

"a) We will be exchanging intelligence and insights on the market on a routine basis. Freeform Dynamics will be making its research available to RedMonk to enhance its public domain advice and commentary. RedMonk will in turn feed back ideas and insights to Freeform Dynamics to help with the interpretation of market intelligence.

"b) Freeform Dynamics will make its primary research "engine" available for incorporation into RedMonk's services on a sub-contract basis. Conversely, Freeform Dynamics will sub-contract consulting activities to RedMonk from time to time.

"c) On a more proactive level, RedMonk and Freeform Dynamics will work together on joint business development and collaborative delivery, seeking out opportunities to provide enhanced services to vendors who require a combination of research and consulting within the same engagement."

Initial thoughts

Like this week's announcement from MWD, this seems to make sense. If Redmonk and Freeform Dynamics can make their partnership work in practice, it can only be good news.

They are bringing in different skills. Their respective clients should benefit from a more rounded service. There's more choice for the people who buy analyst services.

And with James and Dale both being bloggers, it'll be interesting for us to see over time if there are any changes in the type of post they make...

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