Friday, February 01, 2008

Analyst asks "Is it just me, or is webcasting completely useless?"

Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis explains his problem here.

So, think about Dean's advice when you're planning a briefing with him: "The old way works better - either email a PDF/PPT, or a link to download it. Then use a normal phone call or audio webcast."


Anonymous said...

I'm in complete agreemenet with Dean. Less is more when it comes to the use of technology for a briefing (though not necessarily for other types of interactions). I have always suggested that AR teams use hardcopy for roadshows instead of wasting time at the beginning of a meeting at analyst offices looking for power outlets, firing up the laptop and hooking in a data projector.

Or better yet, forgo the PowerPoint completely.

David Rossiter said...

"Forgo the PowerPoint completely" - yes! It takes a brave spokesperson to step away from the security of the slide deck but the resulting analyst interaction is so much more rewarding, interesting and valuable.

There are always going to be some analysts who want a deck for reference or for circulation - but that can always be provided afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a vendor that has a great web conferencing solution - and one that analysts really enjoy the experience of using - I couldn't agree less with Dean!
He's right that some of the experiences are poor, and sending the slides in advance is best practice - but it's pretty tricky to demonstrate a mobile phone interface or software feature via ppt and telephone!
Surely, it's horses for courses