Monday, June 13, 2005

Aberdeen comes top with end-users

A new survey from Azul Partners has Aberdeen ranked "as both the most insightful and valuable firm among end users."

But is everything as it appears? ARmadgeddon thinks there may be more to this than initally meets the eye...

ARmadgeddon: A new Aberdeen arises


Azul said...

I read ARmadgeddon's comments and he's off the mark. Here are the actual details:

- Aberdeen commissioned the study for their internal marketing planning
- Azul Partners suggested publishing the results once the study was complete based on the findings (which we found to be quite interesting and revealing and thought other readers would as well).

- Jason Busch (Azul Partners)

theARpro said...

Hi Jason,

Here's a quote from your website:
"Azul Partners works with executive teams and marketing organizations to develop content that takes a point of view and stands above the crowd, displaying a depth of knowledge and subject matter expertise that tells the market that they need to be talking to you.
"From product positioning to thought campaigns designed to change the basis of competition, Azul Partners develops content to help organizations take their marketing to the next level. We don’t just help you sell to the market. We help you influence it."

Your firm exists to write marketing content. No-one would hire your firms to do research that was not developed with marketing in mind. The process you describe is well known to all of us who hired Aberdeen in the 1990s: write the study and, if the results can be made to look good, publish them.

No-one can blame you for maintaining this charade in order to defend Aberdeen's investment. You are certainly doing great work for this. But we both know that no independent third party, not working from a list of contacts largely provided by Aberdeen, could replicate these results.

Honestly, you need to learn from the 'old' Aberdeen. Even they limited their clients excesses.

Azul said...

Very fair point from the website ... however, this was the first time we have ever published a study in our name. The reason we did it is because of our background in working with the analysts and because we maintain a small practice (less than %5% of our business) advising our vendor clients how best to invest their analyst dollars as part of broader marketing efforts.

In the past 18 months since launching Azul Partners, we've published hundreds of pieces of private-label content for our clients (whitepapers, newsletters, blogs, diagnostics etc.). That's how we work on the content side of the business (the other half is strategy). We will never be a shop that validates products and companies from a third party perspective. That’s not our business. We this piece because we thought our clients -- and the general public -- would benefit from seeing it. The intention was never to carry out a research project for Aberdeen and then publish the results under our name -- publication was an after thought 1 1/2 months after we completed the research and presented the results. This was an internal study we choose to make external after the fact.

Cheers, Jason