Sunday, February 18, 2007

Free: A Guide to Industry Analysts

Clive, Bob and the rest of the Quocirca team have produced a handy guide to the world of industry analysts.

The report is called “Use and Abuse of Analysts: A Guide for Vendors” and is available to download free of charge from the Quocirca site.

Aimed primarily at those who are interested in briefing analysts (rather than buying research or consultancy), it’s a very useful introduction.

The guide provides an overview of the analyst market, looks at what analysts do and when to use them. It also provides some ideas on identifying the most relevant analysts and gives tips on how to successfully interact with them.

I would say it’s a ‘must read’ if you are new to the world of AR and want to better understand who analysts are and how they work.

Those more familiar with the analyst market shouldn’t find it contains any surprises - though it’s still worth a quick read through.

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