Monday, February 12, 2007

Tony Lock and Joyce Becknell join Freeform Dynamics

I got called out by The AR Pro for my recent lack of posts. Quite right too.

So here's my first post of 2007.

Freeform Dynamics is expanding once again, this time adding Tony Lock and Joyce Becknell to its team. Tony and Joyce were previously at Sageza (although Tony is probably best known for his work with Bloor Research, the firm he left last year).

Both join as 'programme directors', a new role at Freeform Dynamics.

According to the website, Tony's current interests are hosting and services as well as software as a service.

Joyce meanwhile will be covering go-to-market (including SMB and mid-market sectors, emerging markets and channels) as well as server & storage infrastructure.


Dale Vile said...

Hi David - Great to see you posting again.

I still think there is a hole in the market to complement the useful but sometimes gossipy nature of ARmadgeddon and the self-promotional style of some of the other AR commentary that goes on in the blogsphere.

I personally reckon you should share more of your insights into the influencer community as a whole that I have heard from you verbally on many occasions, as your thinking is often way ahead of some more "forward" people who put themselves into the limelight as experts on the analyst industry.

Then again, maybe it's better for business to keep those insights between yourself and your clients - competitive edge and all that :-)

Meanwhile, just a quick note on FFD devlopments to say that we are still working through the coverage map for the team at the moment, so while the areas of interest you have quite rightly picked up for Tony and Joyce are accurate, it's not necessary reflective of the complete picture, which we'll publish over the next couple of weeks.

And just in case you were wondering about the "programme director" titles, we have introduced this for those who will be running a discrete P/L within the company - Tony and Joyce have basically picked up development of a new service line we are working on, which we'll announce later.

It's all part of us structuring the company early for ongoing growth.

Anonymous said...

Useful information - FfD seem to be on a roll, which is very good to see.

Presumably Sageza are retrenching in the States?

marcduke said...

Good to see you blogging again! I think the Freeform expansion is an interesting development in Europe. Will be interesting to the see the output that follows.