Thursday, July 13, 2006

A few more analysts in Europe

The analyst firms are busy hiring so there's a host of new analysts who have started covering various sectors of the European market.

I know that there are plenty of others, but here are some of those we have come across recently:

At IDC, Jakob Heckscher has started as a senior research analyst covering the European supply chain management and CRM markets.

Staying at IDC, Joao da Silva has joined the European Mobile and Wireless team, joining Lars, Paolo and Rosie.

Forrester has taken on Phil Sayer in its European Telecoms and Networks team and Ricardo Arruda as an analyst on the Financial Services research team.

And it's not just the big firms.

Canalys continues its expansion. New analysts there in the past couple of months include Pete Cunningham and Mehar Zulfikar.

Quocirca is growing again. Louella Fernandes has started as a principal analyst covering enterprise printing, business intelligence and geo-locational tools. She comes from Canon, where she was European developer relations programme manager. (And while you're checking out Louella's biog, take time to notice the new Quocirca website).

And finally (for now anyway) Freeform Dynamics is also expanding and has hired David Perry. He's specialising in telecoms, networking and security.


ARonaut said...

Very useful David :-)

David Rossiter said...

Once in a while I feel obliged ;-)

marcduke said...

Thanks David very useful. I have also noticed an addition at Yankee Group Caroline Ashley - in case you weren't aware.