Thursday, July 13, 2006

James Governor told off by Gartner

James Governor at Redmonk has been told by Gartner that he cannot link to this page on its website.

The page in question is a reprint of the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, 1Q06. You can still access the report (free of charge) directly from the website of the people who bought the reprint, SAS.

The link is also available from our friends at ARmadgeddon.

And Rob Stevens has posted about it too.

It's on the Business Intelligence Knowledge Base where it was posted by someone from SAS and on the Intelliminds news page.

You can read the full story first hand on James' blog (make sure not to miss the comments).

Sometimes you've got to watch in wonder and amazement and just ask "why?"

For the sake of completeness, Gartner has since apologised. See the comments thread on this post from James.


Dale Vile said...

So, if I link to this post, am I running the risk of being asked to “cease and desist” from providing a link to a link to a link to a piece of Gartner IP that is accessible via an openly accessible URL?

Dean Bubley said...

Or if I post this link to Google which has multiple different locations for the same document, as well its own cached version

David Rossiter said...

Apparently it was all a big mistake. There's a comment from Allison at Vendor Relations on James' blog. At least it says she's from Gartner...

Unknown said...

I have had the privilege of knowing James since I met him at a Sybase Techwave conference in San Diego. Since then, I have been the chief beneficiary of our relationship with James turning me on to all manner of cool technologies as he comes upon them.

As I live in New Jersey, James is on my list of 'must see' people whenever he is in New York.

I just wish he would put a link to MY website on his blog.

Paul Murray